Interior design is a storytelling.

Only an extraordinary story

can captivate.

Be extraordinary and create

your own interior stories

  My name is Vera Prokhorova and I am an interior designer. I see no reason to recreate a “clean” style in the interior. In "pure" styles, there are a number of techniques that can be skillfully used, but these styles themselves, it seems to me, depersonalize a person.


I am on the side of those designers who consider the starting point of the interior of a particular person with the world of his interests and lifestyle. Style techniques are only tools, with the skillful use of which the future space appears.


The interior can start from anything: a small detail, a favorite little thing, color, photograph, an old grandmother’s buffet ... and in order to catch this detail it is important to talk to the customer in order to hear stories.


Interior design today is not a product in itself. Only being a reflection of the owner, he is harmonious and appropriate.     


Everybody has a stories to be telling through design.

Collect stories not things.

  • I love color. People who are afraid of color are afraid of life.

  • Blue is my favorite. I am excited of its endless manifestations: blue, indigo, turquoise, aquamarine, cobalt, ultramarine, teal, sapphire, denim, azure ...

  • Traveling is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

  • I love flea markets and vintage things: they keep the warmth of time and a unique story even if we don’t know it.

  • The details are not only details. They make the design. (Charles Eames)

  • I love pure lines.  Simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication. (Leonardo da Vinci).

  • I paint interiors not only with color, but also with light.

  • I love the chic materials and handmade items and a mix of them. This mix leads to amazing results.

  • There comes a moment in the project when I say, “It time to zest!”  And this is always an experiment.

  • I am inspired by architecture, painting, fashion, cinema and for sure by nature.